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Cradle of mankind a well diversified richness of endowed culture and heritage drawn from the 42 ethnic communities. Cultural and Heritage tours rage from the traditional visits to heritage and historical safaris, wildlife safaris and various cultural festivals.

The culture of Rwanda is varied and unique. As it is the norm in Africa for a country to be diversified in culture and heritage brought about by various ethnic languages and cultural practices, Rwanda is populated by the Banyarwanda people who share a single language and cultural heritage which has been a symbol of unity since precolonial times, ' e

Besides, the richness it has on natural resources e.g. Wildlife, water bodies like Ocean, Lakes & Rivers, Minerals etc. it has a lot on cultural and natural heritages which goes back as far as period of Dinosaur to very recently of our time, homo sapiens sapiens. Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world that is well endowed in archaeological, paleontological and historical resources. The Tanzania culture is attributed to the language, painting, sculpture, national anthem, popular dance music and art.' e

Cultural heritage is an important aspect of Uganda's identity as it represents the history, evolution and aspirations. In Uganda, a beautiful collage of cultural diversity can be found across the 65 ethnic groups that present unique cultures reflected in diverse traditional institutions, languages, indigenous knowledge and skills, the creative and performing arts, crafts, dress and food.' e